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    Will pause and rest upon the oar,


    The Devil put it into my head that I would kiss one handsome young girl before I died, and now was my chance. She never would know it, and I should carry the remembrance of it with me into the grave, and a rose perhaps grow out of my dust, as a brier did out of Lord[64] Lovel’s, in memory of that immortal moment! Would it wake her from her trance? and would she see me in the flush of my stolen triumph, and hate and despise me ever after? Or should I carry off my trophy undetected, and always from that time say to myself, when I looked upon her in the glory of youth and the splendor of beauty, “My lips have touched those roses and made their sweetness mine forever”? You think my cheek was flushed, perhaps, and my eyes were glittering with this midnight flash of opportunity. On the contrary, I believe I was pale, very pale, and I know that I trembled. Ah, it is the pale passions that are the fiercest,——it is the violence of the chill that gives the measure of the fever! The fighting-boy of our school always turned white when he went out to a pitched battle with the bully of some neighboring village; but we knew what his bloodless cheeks meant,——the blood was all in his stout heart,——he was a slight boy, and there was not enough to redden his face and fill his heart both at once.

    “In regarding all that old past as dead. It is dead. We’ve got no use for it over here. That’s what that queer fellow in Washington always used to say to me....”


    If you feel inclined to help us along—if you think we deserve help—you can do us a great favor by asking your friends to send for a sample copy, or send us their names and we will send the sample copy.

    "I remember you very well," she said, "years ago in India. You have not been back there since those days, have you?"

    The Family, and not the individual, is still the unit in contemporary civilization, and

    First or last, he would have to look once more upon the inimical presences that had peered out at him from the Central Masses. It might as well be now.


    longer has that complete faith in private insurance companies that once sustained him. His mind broadens out to State insurance as to State education. He is far more amenable than he used to be to the idea that the only way to provide for one’s own posterity is to provide for every one’s posterity, to merge parentage in citizenship. The family of the middle-class man which fights for itself alone, is lost.




    [pg 179]

    And he grunted and went on with his work.

    At another time Amos might have shuddered at seeing signs of blood on the fingers extended in hospitable greeting; but by now he had gone through so much that was terrible and nerve stretching that the experience had hardened him to such things. Besides the boy was rapidly becoming what might be called philosophical, as happens to all those who are brought in close contact with varied scenes of suffering.

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